About Me

Hi, I'm Fran, a Personal Trainer with a passion for helping busy individuals prioritize their fitness goals. With my background as a former Senior Data Engineer, I fully understand the challenges of maintaining a workout routine amidst a demanding schedule. From early morning cardio sessions to late night gym sessions after a 10-hour managerial position, I've been there, and I know how stressful it can be. Despite the obstacles, I achieved success without the use of any performance-enhancing substances, relying solely on pure discipline.

However, I realized that my fitness journey was lacking something essential: intellectual conversation about my other interests, such as trading, investing, and business. This realization was a turning point for me, as it not only motivated me to create a system of quick and efficient workouts, but also helped me clarify who my clients will be. I love to have meaningful conversations that stimulate my mind. Don’t you?

My aim is to empower you to achieve your fitness goals while running a profitable business.





Today I live a relaxed lifestyle with flexible eating habits, three workouts and one yoga session per week. Despite this, I still maintain my physique and feel great. Gone are the days of stressing about my diet or fitting in six workouts a week. Through trial and error, several courses and endless reading I have learned and developed a system that works. And now, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you too can achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your quality of life.